Philadelphia University hosts 2016 SARA PA Council Design Awards

The 2016 13th Annual SARA Pennsylvania Design Awards were held at Philadelphia University on Wednesday October 26th 2016.

A major focus of the PA Council the last few years has been student involvement, whether it be increasing our student membership base or encouraging participation in our Student Design Awards and our Student Grant Program so a partnership with the University for a venue seemed to be an ideal arrangement.

In addition, our board consists of several Philadelphia University Alumni and former Adjunct Professors.  Last year SARA PA sponsored one of the lectures in Philadelphia University's CABE (College of the Built Environment) Lecture series which was the inaugural joint initiative that served to reignite our alumni's relationship and our organization with the current dean and faculty.

Because of the aforementioned relationships and initiatives that seemed to create a perfect fit  between SARA PA and Philadelphia University,  we approached them as a potential venue, and found that they were ecstatic to host our event.  CABE were very gracious hosts and provided students to help set up the event and direct attendees.

The event was split between The Kanbar Campus Center and the DEC (Design, Engineering & Commerce) Center. The Kanbar Center hosted the cocktail hour and project display boards and was very well attended including the Dean of Architecture, Barbara Klinkhammer, Dipl.-Ing., and several faculty members and students.  This proved to be a perfect venue as the student center was open and functioning during our event which facilitated interaction with the students.  Conveniently the Kanbar Center is also located adjacent to the Architecture and Design Building.

One of our Jurors was Dr. David Breiner who is the Director of Architecture.

Our Professional Design Awards received 28 entries from all over the country and awarded 11 projects including 2 Gold. Our Student Design Awards awarded 1 project. There were 10 students in attendance.

We were also happy to have the continued support of SARA NY & SARA National with the attendance of Jessica Fleisher, SARA YA Executive Director and Gaetano Ragusa, SARA National President!

The awards portion of our event took place a short walk away to Philadelphia University's new DEC Center which is set up with stadium seating and state of the art A/V equipment.  The event concluded at the gathering space at the top of stadium seating with coffee and desert overlooking the awards presentation space and the Kanbar Center.

Since our event, we have welcomed 3 new student members into our Council and are in talks with Philadelphia University about future joint endeavors with SARA PA through sponsorship of the 2017 CABE Spring Lecture Series, meeting with the AIAS as well as integrating the faculty into some of the Council's upcoming CEU Events.